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Bagong kamulatan. Bagongaksyon. Bagongpag-asa. #AksyonNgayon

Aksyon Demokratiko (Democratic Action) or Aksyon is a progressive, reform-oriented, results-driven political party and movement in the Philippines. The party espouses the primacy of people’s participation in the affairs of the state. Founded by Raul Roco and 167 other sectoral leaders in 1997, the party continues to uphold the ideals and party principles in the selection and development of its leaders and members. We believe in the arrogation of power to various sectors - especially women and youth - in the advancement of key advocacies and reforms. Public service and politics are viewed as a noble vocation which should be democratized and be made more accessible to more deserving sectors and voices in society. Every Aksyon member maintains a healthy view of power and the struggle to capture it: that it is a vehicle to advance the greater good and not only the interest of an elite few. That it can be a potent antidote to addressing cultural, political, social, and economic inequalities.

We believe in ACTION. Foremost in our agenda is impact and results; to improve our society and leave it in a much better state than when we found it. We believe in the advancement of inclusive democracy – that true power and wisdom resides in the hands of citizens and that their salvation lies not in the hands of a savior but in their sense of agency, their collective empowerment, and the strengthening of systems and institutions.

We are a collective of well-meaning Filipinos from various passions and persuasions uniting to advance a “creative and compassionate people within empowered communities in a self-reliant, just, and humane nation united under God.” We reach out and carry on causes and reforms that fuel this vision and the Aksyon brand of governance. We endeavor to effectively challenge the status quo. We are committed to keep planting the seeds of HOPE and to continue the campaign for CHANGE.

Aksyon’s battlecry in its inception was “Magbago” – a resonant but still timely clarion call to action. As Aksyon approaches its 25th year in 2022 and given the prevailing challenges of the times, Aksyon shifts its mantra to #AksyonNgayon- a compelling cry for a change in collective consciousness that should serve as a catapult to greater, more urgent, and more accelerated action

Bagong kamulatan. Bagong aksyon. Bagong pag-asa. #AksyonNgayon!


1. People are our wealth. They are important in strengthening institutions.

2. 2. Women, children, youth and the vulnerable must have equitable access to resources.

3. Every Filipino must enjoy the right to quality education and universal healthcare.

4. Economic reforms and innovation must provide equal opportunities to all, special privileges to none.

5. Ensure rule of law and uphold human rights for truth, sovereignty, and justice to prevail.

6. Advance ecological sustainability, and climate action for future generations.

7. Ensure inclusive and effective peace policy that guarantees sustainable development.

8. Strengthen national identity and social cohesion through culture, historical integrity, equality, diversity, and creativity.

9. Strong democracy and local governance require inclusive and principled politics, as well as transparent and participatory governance.

10. Inculcate the values of work, study and prayer.


The Aksyon brand of governance and leadership revolves around the following core values – a set of fundamental beliefs and approach to individual and collective decision-making:

1. Citizen Participation and Inclusion

The voice of citizens matter to us. We endeavor to provide adequate spaces for their meaningful participation and empowerment. We collaborate with citizens and civil society for policymaking and proactive action. We welcome dissenting views, diverse ideas, and contrary opinions as part of a growing, healthy democracy. We can all agree to disagree agreeably. We strive to ensure that opportunities and services are provided to the last, the least, and the lost. We value the vulnerable and marginalized sectors. We view their well-being and empowerment as a just barometer for progress. We not only recognize but will actively enable their role in nation-building.

2. Courage and Servant Leadership

The best display and example of power is the power of example. Leaders are servants first and foremost, and as such, we must be subservient to the interest of the public we serve. We sacrifice our own selfish interests or the interests of an elite few for the greater good. We work smart and hard to courageously influence the realities we face, address challenges, and to arrive at an outcome that is favorable to the majority. To achieve this, we recognize that public service is a public trust. That genuine leadership requires fortitude, empathy, and sacrifice. We take calculated risks. We challenge the status quo. We walk the talk.

3. Competence: Action-to-Impact

Results are important to the party. The challenges of governance require a sense of urgency on the part of our leaders. More so, it requires a set of actions that directly lead to impact and positive results. We recognize the importance of preparation, planning, and capacitation to ensure success in our endeavors. We create value from our actions and are duty-bound to communicate these to various publics. Action should translate to desired outcomes and impact to communities. Activities with minimal or residual impact on the lives of citizens will be secondary priority.

4. Creativity and Innovation

The Filipino has always been inherently creative and innovative. Addressing the needs of the times require creative solutions. A bottom-up approach that listens, designs, ideates, and continually iterates will help us respond to the call of the times. An innovative mindset and the effective use of technological advancements will accelerate industries, bureaucracies, and communities. We are not stubborn. We can change our minds. We create and co-create ideas and constructs that propel us forward. We believe that policies grounded on facts, science, and evidence will help make our jobs as leaders easier. We are not bound by traditional thinking. We are comfortable with change and move to adapt with these changes.

5. Character: Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are the pillars of a functioning bureaucracy and a maturing democracy. We believe in the sunshine principle, that when exposed to the sun, microbes will have no opportunity to thrive. When access to information is unimpeded, corruption will not thrive. We strive for a transparent and honest government that values the hard-earned taxpayers ’ money and as its stewards, we should be responsible in its efficient, judicious, and equitable management. We hold ourselves to higher standards as public servants and will hold ourselves accountable to the people and to our oath. We understand that as leaders, the buck stops with us and we are accountable for every decision, policy, and action.

Continues to Carry on the Campaign for Change!

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